Augmented reality tourism industry


In the tourism industry, IOTAR can be an effective tool for sales promotion for travel agencies, tour operators, guides, art galleries and museums.

Travel agencies and tour operators use IOTAR to promote tavel packages and to allow clients to evaluate routes and destinations, using interactive maps and 3-D models of tourist attractions.
Clients can watch videos, listen to sounds, see pictures and read information on the proposed destination. IOTAR can be an effective communication tool between the agency and the tourists during their holiday. It can also be used to check on the insurance policy, see the stops of the trip, contact hotels, guides, etc.

Museums and art galleries use IOTAR to offer visitors additional information on an exhibition, a work of art, an artist, etc.
Visitors can frame the work of art with the IOTAR app to access extra content such as videos of a building’s renovation, audio guides, information about a work of art or artist, and more.